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Our Encryption System

Here at Vokul Refunds, we take pride to be the best refunding service. However, we are also proud that we encrypt our customers’ data (2048bit RSA) and it isn’t viewable in plain text anywhere on the back-end. Below, you will see some examples of how it’s done.

Our promise to you is that as soon as the refund is completed all your data will be erased completely from our servers and they will never ever be found or accessed again. You can request us to delete your data at anytime.

Above is an example of how data is processed on competitor’s websites. Visible in plain text on the database with no encryption whatsoever. 

Above is an example of how data is processed on our servers. Completely encrypted and the actual fields are unidentifiable so you would not know what field you are looking at. 

We have made the decision to not have an account based system to protect our users even further. The tickets are a one submission thing, if you mis-type something you will need to resubmit the whole ticket again due to the nature of the encryption we aren’t able to do edits on our end.